Blending Your Warm-up into Your Workout

rehab injury strength training Jan 23, 2023

Blending Your Warm-Up Into Your Workout

Your warm-up & workout shouldn’t be 2 completely “separate entities”.
The 3-exercise circuit shown in this video is an example of one of the “Pump-n-Prime” circuits from my new ReBuilt 2.0 program…
These circuits act as a “bridge” from your warm-up to your workout/primary lift.
I like to pair 2-3 exercises that pump up AND mobilize the muscles (and supporting muscles) you’re about to train.
🎥 HERE’S AN EXAMPLE (see video)
Seated Straight Arm Pulldowns
👉 Prime the Lats & Triceps, while mobilizing the shoulder joint & thoracic spine
X-Band Rear Delt Flyes
👉 Prime the upper back, while mobilizing the pecs
Incline Tricep Kickbacks
👉 Prime the elbows & triceps, while mobilizing the shoulders (extension)

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