3 Exercises To Help A Slipped SI Joint.

rehab injury strength training Jan 17, 2023

Slipped SI joints can suck, but the good news is a few exercises can really help alleviate some of the pain. Check out these to give you some relief when it happens. 

Recently my video guy (who is also a BJJ practitioner for many years) hit me up and asked me if I ever dealt with an SI joint popped. 

My answer was YES - I have dealt with this - and it sucks. It seems in talking to a bunch of members of ReBuilt 2.0 this can happen to a lot of people. 

Be it maybe their core is a bit weak, or glutes or hamstrings are too tight - it can develop in a form of SI Dysfunction - that when it acts up it can really suck big time. 

So - I created this quick video exercise routine to help get it back in or give you some relief if it happens. 

The good news is if you have SI joint issues, this won't make it worse - if anything it will probably make it better. If you hear an audible pop - that could be the SI joint seating once again. 

Give this routine a try and let me know how it works out for you. 


Joe D.

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